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What is a Flat Fee Full Service Discount Realtor?

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A full service discount Realtor or Real Estate Agent is any Agent who offers their clients a discount on expensive commission fees while still offering a traditional bundle of marketing services.

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One of the most important questions a homeowner has when selling their home is, “How much commission do you pay a real estate agent?” Here at Liberty House Realty LLC, we are committed to having an open, transparent and above board discussion about the commission fee and how we can save you money when working with a Realtor. Throughout the industry, no standardized commission exists and that is a direct result of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. The Sherman Anti-Trust Act prohibits price fixing which means, Real Estate Brokers, Agents, and the Multiple Listing Services or the MLS cannot agree to set sale conditions, fees or rates. For a Broker or Agent to even hint at, suggest, elude, imply or say, that commissions are standard, is potentially a violation of Federal law. A real estate commission should always be a matter of competitive negotiations between you and the individual Broker or Agent you hire. 
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