No Commission Realtor Saves Homeowner Equity

February 19, 2021

Know Your Options, Full Service No Commission Realtor.

More so now than ever before, a homeowner has many different options to consider when selling their home. You are no longer limited to either working with a Realtor or trying to sell your home on your own. One option to consider when selling your home is the full-service no-commission Realtor. Unlike traditional Realtors who charge a 6% commission at closing, a no commission Realtor charges an upfront flat fee. In the case of Liberty House Realty in Nashville, Tennessee, the listing fee is as low as $999.00

Challenging What You Think You Know About No Commission Realtor.

A 6% Realtor charges 6% not because of the amount of work he does but because of the amount of risk he takes on. Fact is, if you paid a Realtor for actual services rendered, or even by the hour, you would never come close to spending 6%. Paying a Realtor 6% at closing on the contingency your home sells is very similar to how a personal injury attorney is paid if he wins your case. The Realtor could end up putting in many hours of work, spending many dollars in advertising, never to see a penny in return. As with the attorney, whether your home sells is mostly out of the Realtor’s control. This risk the Realtor takes on that the house may never close comes with an equally high reward, specifically 6% of your home’s sale price.

5-Star Service No Commission Realtor Without The 6% Commission

Traditional agents will tell you that you can not get a high-quality agent without paying a 6% commission. They tell you this because their own salary depends on you hiring them and paying them 6%. The industry has changed dramatically and technology is paving the way for more innovation and competition for your business. As such, real estate brokers like Liberty House Realty in Nashville Tennessee have a proven track record of providing 5-Star service while charging an affordable listing fee of $999.00. You do not have to pay 6% unless you want to.

The No Commission Realtor Is A Licensed Agent.

The no-commission Realtor is first and foremost a licensed real estate agent. All real estate agents in Tennessee complete the same licensing requirements and earn the same license. As a licensed Tennessee real estate agent, a no-commission Realtor can help you buy, sell or lease real property. A commission real estate agent can provide the same services any other agent offers. The only difference is how you pay them and how much of your money you keep.

An Agent And A Realtor.

A Realtor must be a licensed agent but, a licensed agent does not have to be a Realtor. When an agent calls themselves a Realtor, that tells you that they are members of an industry trade organization called the National Association of Realtors. The National Association of Realtors is a voluntary organization where its members agree to a higher standard of excellence as outlined in their Code of Ethics. Here at Liberty House Realty, we are Realtors. We do recommend that when looking for a real estate agent, you work with those who are also Realtors.