Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2021-06-08T08:55:19-05:00
Are you a full-time professional agent?2021-02-01T08:40:13-06:00

Yes, we are full-time professional agents. You need to know however, almost anyone can get a real estate license in Tennessee. Some treat the industry as the perfect side hustle. You only need a G.E.D., take a 70-hour course and pass a proctored 70 question exam. Just for comparison, to be a licensed barber, you need 1,500 (Fifteen Hundred) hours of classroom time. A manicurist needs 600 hours. Compared to other fiduciary professionals such as C.P.A’s, Financial Advisors, Doctors, or Attorneys, becoming a licensed real estate agent is not as academically rigorous. The ease by which one can become a real estate agent and the ability to make a lot of money has filled the rank and file with part-time, unethical, immoral so-called “professionals.” This is why we highly recommend you only work with true full-time real estate professionals.

Are you licensed with the State?2021-01-07T10:27:51-06:00

Yes, We are licensed with the State of Tennessee and are in good standing.

Are you Realtors?2021-02-01T08:45:51-06:00

Yes. We are members of the National Association of Realtors and subscribe to their higher Code of Ethics standards. The National Association of Realtors is the leading force in the real estate industry dedicated to successful real estate transactions. Liberty House Realty is dedicated to the ethical and moral duties as outlined by the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics. This means we have voluntarily agreed to abide by the Code of Ethics in order to protect you, our customers, clients, and general public.

Are you a full-service real estate agent?2021-02-01T08:47:37-06:00

Yes. We provide homeowners a full suite of bundled services. From listing your home in the MLS to getting you to the closing table, we are a full-service brokerage. Due to common law, statutory law, regulations, and I.R.S. treatment, the real estate industry has not defined what a “full-service” agent does. It does not matter if your agent is compensated at closing or charges an upfront flat fee. How the agent gets paid is in no way reflective of the services they offer. The industry has left defining the services they provide up to the individual agents. For this reason, it is critical to your success to ask your agent precisely what services they do or do not offer. You will find that agents are not commodities. Different agents in the same brokerage may provide different levels of service and, just as important, charge different commissions or fees.

Will you represent me?2021-01-07T10:28:28-06:00

Yes. When you hire us to list your home, we are your fiduciary representative. We do not split our responsibility to you. We work for your best interest.

Do you have any hidden fees?2021-01-07T10:28:39-06:00

No. We do not have hidden fees. We charge a flat fee of $999.00 for our services and that is all you will ever pay us.