Yes, we are full-time professional agents. You need to know however, almost anyone can get a real estate license in Tennessee. Some treat the industry as the perfect side hustle. You only need a G.E.D., take a 70-hour course and pass a proctored 70 question exam. Just for comparison, to be a licensed barber, you need 1,500 (Fifteen Hundred) hours of classroom time. A manicurist needs 600 hours. Compared to other fiduciary professionals such as C.P.A’s, Financial Advisors, Doctors, or Attorneys, becoming a licensed real estate agent is not as academically rigorous. The ease by which one can become a real estate agent and the ability to make a lot of money has filled the rank and file with part-time, unethical, immoral so-called “professionals.” This is why we highly recommend you only work with true full-time real estate professionals.